Boltoph / FAWM 2010 Archive

1. Eyes Odd

2010-02-04 @ 09:12pm
tags: alternative hip-hop groove whistle-solo

2/4/10: Jamming with high and mid freq horn as vocal mic again. This groove just made me want to whistle.

3/23/10: Final mix posted, for now. Same link.


Why do all the covers cover all, there's not alot, it better not snow too much...that'll do fine
why do all the colors waste, if only I unfolded
unfold near blind
and every time and every way, you take me, baby, another day anytime you're facing dusk
you're so young, so high above
would you go, unfolding into the dust?
before the time, unimposed and full
how blue, how blue
is his kind just you?

[whistle solo]

The mountains will call and
walk-ons will haul off all of you
the curtains will close
and the light cuts a hole down on you
with your eyes closed, who are you?
when your eyes close, who are you?



2. Evidence of a Struggle

2010-02-06 @ 09:38pm
tags: alternative electronic electronica techno rock pop hard-edged dark vocal panic

2/6/10: Some dark experiments in electronica and vocals, samples. Used a nice vocal mic this time instead of my experimental mic (high & mid freq horn) from the last two songs. This one is dark and intended to convey shadows and dark corners, and such. Anyone need movie mood music? I'm game.


When you can't see, when you can't feel
when you can't hear me, I'm there
I'm here, in the palm of your hand, I'm there
it's where I hold on, it's where you care
it's where you cure, where I know you'll be there

When you swing, you take the time away from everything
when you're king, you take the eyeball out of every face that we see
and we see, they all see you

Ringing, ring, ringing, ring, bring the lesson
ring it away
ringing, ring, ring, bring the essence
bringing in a case of sure, hard evidence



3. Loco

2010-02-08 @ 05:00pm
tags: piano epic film-music vocals harmony catharsis

2/8/2010: Wanted to do a simple piano blues song but it turned to be much darker and much more two sided and heavy, rather than the blues I intended when I started out. I ended up wanting this to sound like the theme for a Disney special. Walk one path, take a turn here or there, end up somewhere else far away and different, that's what this song is about.


Does it heal?
what doesn't heal
can kill

Are your dreams
on your knees?
make it sleep
take it easy
slowly and surely

When you're green
all your dreams
hollow, expanding
holding, roving
handling with caution
hovering, waiting to show
to show on
too low, too high
always wanting a soft ride
coming down hard
something nice to fall into
alright, I think I'll land nice
land right

Anyone over
that side
gone loco
over their side
gonna walk down this old road
gone loco


4. When You Were a Gentleman

2010-02-28 @ 11:00pm
tags: ethereal acoustic rock folk fun vocal delay alternative pop country

2/28/2010: Finished five. It's a nice round number at least. Managed some slide acoustic and slide lap steel in open D tuning. Had fun with the vocals. Peace ya'll!


When you're in the frontline
when you think you're in the cold
when you were a gentleman in another life, so old
when it's just another day waiting
maybe it's the way you roll
fade away and fall

A happy man in the morning
a sad man at night
a gentleman at dawn,
makes a dead man at noon
a dead man don't cry too soon

No eyes to look out over and see the sunrise
see the sun, see my soul
breaking at the sight

Cross up and over the other side
and override
never give in, and never fall


5. Melting Snow

2010-02-02 @ 02:01pm
tags: alternative ethereal soundtrack pink-floyd tool ween

2/2/2010: My first FAWM 2010 song, please pardon the rough vocal idea sung through a mid and high freq horn. Real vocals still to be added, this is just my beginning idea. Of note, I had hand surgery three weeks ago and am unable to play guitar, drums, bass, or anything except one-handed keys. This song contains a sample of me playing guitar a month ago. I pulled that bit of acoustic guitar and used it for the song's intro, then I looped that one chord sample over and over. I was able to play some lap steel (aka dobro) on the left (it doesn't require my left hand thumb). The rest of this song is all midi instruments and loops. Inspired by a combination of Pink Floyd, Ween, and Tool.


(Still in development, here is the rough idea):

We were so cold
we were buried so deep under
we were so cold
we were buried under [neath layers of piling snow]
we were waiting for the thaw
waiting, waiting

We were waiting for the thaw
we were holding onto any stray thought, hoping for the thaw

Warm...warm...choking under...warmer...